New product tested

Today’s routine after coming home from work consisted of working out, and then doing the hair thing.

Today I decided to do the 40-minute Jillian Michaels’ workout – Boost your Metabolism. Lately I’ve been feeling slightly on the heavy side, and even though I usually only do her 20-minute workout during the week, I decided to go all out tonight.

Prior to my workout I heated a mixture of castor and coconut oils to use as a hot oil treatment. I applied it to my damp hair, put on a plastic cap, and did my workout.

The next step in my  routine was to co-wash my hair with Herbal Essence’s Long Term Care Relationship. I used the split-end leave-in conditioner along with the qhemet biologics heavy cream for moisture and air-dried partially using four big plats before preparing my hair for chiney bumps.

I put in a mixture of aveda’s anti-humectant and emollient serum in the front half of my hair and sealed with a shea butter sunflower oil mixture. In the back half I just sealed in the qhemet with shea butter to see the difference.

I’m hoping for a nice moisturized look in the morning.

Will post results within a few days.


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