12 weeks post

I decided to do a ACV rinse last week for the first time. I did my usual shampoo with Elasta’s creme conditioning shampoo followed by a protein treatment with hair mayo. I then followed up with a moisturizing DC treatment using a mixture of DPR-11 and castor oil followed by the ACV rinse. Wasn’t too sure how my hair was going to feel, but thought I’d experiment with it anyway as it gets so many good reviews on a lot of the blog sites. I air-dried with mango butter on wet here to about 80%  and then sealed – forgot to note which oil I used.

Since I hadn’t put direct heat in my hair in over 5 weeks, I decided to blow dry using the cool temperature setting on my blow dryer to straighten my roots a bit.

As I was going through this process I came across a lot of knots which I didn’t realize I had. For sure since I was detangling with a wide tooth comb this shouldn’t have happened – NOT! Yeah, yeah, now I know I need to run a finer tooth comb through my hair every so often to avoid this mess. Thank goodness I was patient during the process and lost very few hairs as a result.

Anyway, back to the ACV. Even though my hair felt a little wiry after the process, I must say, there was a considerable amount of shine at the end of it all, and the colour seemed to look a lot richer.

I’m not sure that I will try this mixture again, or if I do I will dilute it even more. Perhaps next time around I’ll try the baking soda technique and compare.


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