Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee – part 1

I am currently at a point in my transitioning where I am experiencing increased tangling and knotting which I believe is due to one of two things – either I’m not using enough moisturizing products, or the hair that is shedding is getting tangled with the remaining hair. Either way something needs to be figured out to minimize the frustration.

Since I was going to be in Toronto recently I decided that I would do some research to find out what other transitioners in the same predicament are or were doing at this point in their transitioning. I also considered the fact that maybe my cuticles are not laying completely flat due to the pH of the hair products I am using. This got me thinking that maybe the leave-in conditioner recipe that Kim from Kimmaytube has posted could be the answer. So I was set to stop by Honeyfig (pop in and out for one product only as I always spend more than I originally plan to when I visit the store) and purchase the Knot Today leave-in conditioner which is the base product in her recipe.

As I’m waiting for my husband to get ready so we can get the show on the road I decide to keep researching to see if any other suggestions are made by the ladies on YouTube who provide a wealth of information when it comes to transitioning. Well well, did I ever get lucky. I was reading a post on and she mentioned using Qhemet Biologics Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee. Not only did she has rave reviews for this product but so did other women on other sites. I started to get excited. I went on Honeyfig’s website and it didn’t show that they carried this product so I was back to my original plan.

I got there and to my surprise they had the Cocoa Tree Ghee and so it goes without saying, I bought that and the Knot Today because you can’t go all way to this store and buy one product, it don’t work like that.

I am so excited to try this product that it goes without saying that tomorrow morning when I get up I will be washing my hair. Look out for part 2 – the review.

Thanks for reading,

Folliclephile 🙂


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