Scissor happy

I can’t believe I am categorizing myself as being scissor happy. I remember when I would go to my hair stylist and ask for a trim and by the end of it I would look at the ground thinking what the h#!, I just asked for a trim. Well, I can relate to why it may seem your stylist always seems to go overboard when giving you a trim, especially if you have split or damaged ends.

In my case it stems from being over excited about wanting my hair to be totally free of chemicals and completely natural. Getting rid of the ends gives me a sense of getting closer to reaching my end result. In the last 4 weeks alone I’ve given myself 3 trims each time taking off about 1/4″. The feeling I get is one of great joy because with each trim I get closer to achieving my goal. I guess my “big chop” won’t be so big come July – which is when I plan to get rid of all chemically altered hair ends.



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