I am just using this forum to document my hair care journey from texturized to natural. I decided that I wanted to go back to my natural hair texture back in September 2009 because I’ve been on a healthier lifestyle kick. I’ve changed my diet, included regular workouts into my daily routine, and so the next step was to stop putting chemicals in my hair and embrace my natural hair texture.

I’ve had my hair relaxed since I was in grade 3, from what I can remember, and I’ve kept up with the process ever since. I did change over to texturizing instead of going bone-straight once I started realizing that process was no good for the health of my hair.

For the past 3 years I have been getting a wash & wear relaxer which was great for the health of my hair, but I never took advantage of its benefits – being able to wear it wash & wear.

I did have a setback once I started transitioning because my new growth was getting really hard to handle 13 weeks posts. I had tried a bunch of new products that didn’t seem to work for me and I started to get frustrated. I also found that even though there is much information on the subject, there was always one little piece of information that was missing that could have made a difference for me.

I’ve continued with my research and I’m hoping this time around I won’t hit the brick wall again. I am currently 10 weeks post, and I believe I’ve found the right products and techniques that will make the road ahead easier to travel.

Folliclephile 🙂


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